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2 years ago

A special Academic Evening at our department

On 15th October, 2018, our department organized an academic evening.

The invited speaker was Ildikó Mócsy, PhD, physicist, the founder of the Environmental Department and the initiator of the Academic Evening series, who turned 75 years old on this very day. Following her presentation about the consequences of the nuclear catastrophe from Cernobil, we celebrated her birthday with invited friends, colleagues, faculty staff and students. Hereto, we would like to thank again for her academic and spearheading activity as head of our department for many years. Dear Ildikó Mócsy, we wish you good health and prosperity! Happy birthday!


Green minutes with Ágnes Balázsi, PhD

Anita Deák from the Agnus Radio interviewed our colleague, Ágnes Balázsi, PhD, about the relationship between man and nature. She has also highlighted the importance and the sustainability of this relationship.

10 days ago


The new academic year during the pandemic

In the first weeks of the new academic year we will hold offline seminars and laboratory works. Please read carefully the regulations for the personal conduct in the faculty buildings.

a month ago


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