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13rd Carpathian Basin Conference for Environmental Sciences

On 5-8 April 2017 at Cluj will take place the 13rd Carpathian Basin Conference for Environmental Sciences in the joint organization of our Department with the Enviro Scientia Association.

The aims of the conference are to present the latest results of environmental research in the Carpathian Basin and to discuss theoretical and practical problems. The conference also provides opportunity for initiating cooperation in international research activities, learning and experience for students in communication on international level in their field of research, and raising awareness in environmental problems, education and public understanding of research results. For further informations you may visit the website of the conference.

9 days ago

Trekking through the Scăriţa-Belioara Nature Reserve

On the 15th of March, the Department organized a trekking through the Şesul Craiului – Scăriţa Belioara Nature Reserve (Apuseni Mountains), with a lot of participating students.

The Scăriţa-Belioara is a botanical reserve, which harbours many glacial relicts. The vertical walls of the calcareous rocks resemble a fortress. Our trip started at the Poşaga de Sus village, followed by an abrupt path through a beech forest, which led to an alpine zone with an exquisite sight to the calcareous, white cliffs. We passed by some abandoned wood hovels, than climbed to the ridge, reaching the highest peak (Scăriţa) at an altitude of 1384 m. From there we could easily identify the valley of the Arieş river, the Trascăului Mountains at south and the Muntele Mare plateau – still covered by snow – at north. We finished our trekking by descending to the village, accompanied by the presence of common snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis), liverwort (Anemone hepatica) and greater pasque flower (Pulsatilla grandis) along the road.

9 days ago

Geomorphology themed outdoor practice, 28th February 2017

On the last day of February, Environmental Science students from the second year of study went on a geomorphology themed field trip. The outdoor practice took place at the “Dragon’s Garden” (Grădina Zmeilor) near Jibou and the neighbourhood of the Roman castrum Porolissum near Moigrad.  

15 days ago

Erasmus+ Mobility Programme at the University of Szeged, Hungary

As part of the Erasmus+ mobility programme, in the period of 30th January and 3rd February, three professors and the laboratory technician from our department had been visiting the University of Szeged. They were invited by the Department of Ecology and the Department of Plant Biology. The professors held scientific lectures, and discussed the details of joint research plans and field works with students.

2 months ago


Sapientia Erdélyi Magyar Tudományegyetem

Sapientia Erdélyi Magyar Tudományegyetem, Természettudományi és Művészeti Kar, Kolozsvár

Sapientia Erdélyi Magyar Tudományegyetem, Nemzetközi Kapcsolatok és Európai Tanulmányok Szak, Kolozsvár

Sapientia Erdélyi Magyar Tudományegyetem, Jog Szak, Kolozsvár

Sapientia Erdélyi Magyar Tudományegyetem, Filmművészet, Fotóművészet, Média Szak, Kolozsvár

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