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Andreea-Rebeka Zsigmond, PhD

Zsigmond Andreea Rebeka

Assistant professor

E-mail: zsigmond.andrea@kv

Fields of research:

  • atomic spectroscopy (MP-AES, ICP-OES)
  • voltammetry
  • elemental analysis of the environmental samples
  • data processing


  • Inorganic Chemistry (BSc)
  • Analytical Chemistry (BSc)
  • Environmental Chemistry (BSc)
  • Applied Statistics (MSc)
  • Environmental analyses (MSc)

CV and list of publications (2022)

Important recent publications:


Zsigmond A.R., Száraz A., Urák I. 2021. Macro and trace elements in the black pine needles as inorganic indicators of urban traffic emissionsEnvironmental Pollution 291, 118228. (IF: 8.071/2021, D1).

Gallé R., Gallé-Szpisjak N.Zsigmond A.R.,  Könczey B., Urák I. 2021. Tree species and microhabitat afect forest bog spider fauna. European Journal of Forest Research 140, 691–702. (IF: 2.617/2021, Q1).


Kis B.M., Baciu C., Zsigmond A.R., Kékedy-Nagy L., Kármán K., Palcsu L., Máthé I., Harangi Sz. 2020. Constraints on the hydrogeochemistry and origin of the CO2-rich mineral waters from the Eastern Carpathians – Transylvanian Basin boundary (Romania)Journal of Hydrology 591: 125311. (IF: 4.500/2020, D1).

Szabó Z., Buczkó K., Haliuc A., Pál I., Korponai J., Begy R.C., Veres D., Luoto P.L., Zsigmond A.R., Magyari E.K. 2020Ecosystem shift of a mountain lake under climate and human pressure: A move out from the safe operating spaceScience of the Total Environment 743: 140584. (IF: 6.551/2020, D1).

Dembroszky X.O., May Z., Hartel T., Zsigmond A.R2020Elemental profile of non-commercial wines in changing traditional rural regions from Eastern EuropeEnvironmnetal Engineering and Management Journal 19: 625-634. (IF: 1.186/2019, Q3).

Zsigmond A.R., Kántor I., May Z., Urák I., Héberger K. 2020. Elemental composition of Russula cyanoxantha along an urbanization gradient in Cluj-Napoca (Romania). Chemosphere 238: 124566. (IF: 5.778/2020, D1).


Gallé R., Samu F., Zsigmond A.R., Gallé-Szpisjak N., Urák I. 2019Even the smallest habitat patch matters: on the fauna of peat bogs. Journal of Insect Conservation 23: 699-705. (IF: 1.330/2019, Q1).

Zsigmond A.R., Kántor I., May Z., Urák I., Héberger K. 2019Data on elemental composition of Russula cyanoxantha along an urbanization gradient in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)Data in Brief 27: 104572. (Q1).


Zsigmond A.R., Varga K., Kántor I., Urák I., May Z., Héberger K. 2018Elemental composition of wild growing Agaricus campestris mushroom in urban and peri-urban regions of Transylvania (Romania). Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 72: 15-21. (IF: 2.956/2018, Q1).


Admissons, July 2022

4 days ago


Field practice in the northern part of the Trascău Mountains

With our students we were on a field practice in the northern part of the Trascău Mountains within the framework of protected areas and on the topic of geomorphology.

2 months ago


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