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Ágnes Balázsi, PhD

Assistant professor


Research fields:

  • Sustainability
  • Nature conservation
  • Landscape ecology


  • Human ecology (BSc)
  • Integrated environmental monitoring (BSc)
  • Environmental policy (MSc)
  • Management of protected areas (MSc)

CV and list of publications (2022)

Recent important publications:


Mattalia G., Stryamets N., Balázsi Á., G. Molnár G., , Gliga A., Pieroni, A., Soukand R., ReyesGarcía V. 2021. Hutsuls’ perceptions of forests and uses of forest resource in Ukrainian and Romanian Bukovina. International Forestry Review 23: 1–18 (IF: 1.836/2021, Q2).

Riechers M., Balázsi Á., García Llorente M.,Loos J. 2021. Human-nature connectedness as leverage point. Ecosystems and People 17: 215-221 (Q1).

Riechers M., Loos J., Balázsi Á., García Llorente M., Bieling C., Burgos-Ayala A., Chakroun L., Mattijssen T.J.M., Muhr M.M., Pérez-Ramírez I., Raatikainen K.J., Rana S., Richardson M., Rosengren L., West S. 2021Key advantages of the leverage points perspective to shape human-nature relationsEcosystems and People 17, 205-214 (Q1).

Riechers M., Balázsi Á., Engler J.-O., Shumi G., Fischer J. 2021. Understanding relational values in cultural landscapes in Romania and Germany. People and Nature 3, 1036–1046.

Riechers M., Pătru-Dușe I.A., Balázsi Á. 2021. Leverage points to foster human–nature connectedness in cultural landscapesAmbio, 50: 1670–1680. (IF: 5.129/2021, D1).

Balázsi Á.Dänhardt J., Collins S., Schweiger O., Settele J., Hartel T. 2021Understanding cultural ecosystem services related to farmlands: Expertsurvey in EuropeLand Use Policy 100, 104900. (IF: 5.398/2021, D1).


Riechers M., Balázsi Á.,  Abson D.J., Fischer J. 2020The influence of landscape change on multiple dimensions of human–nature connectedness. Ecology and Society 25(3):3.  (IF: 3.890/2020, D1).

Riechers M., Balázsi Á., Betz L., Jiren T.S., Fischer J. 2020. The erosion of relational values resulting from landscape simplification. Landscape Ecology 35: 6012612. (IF: 3.573/2020, D1).


Balázsi Á., Riechers M., Hartel T. , Leventon J., Fischer J. 2019. The impacts of social-ecological system transitions on human- nature connectedness: case study from Transylvania, Romania. Land Use Policy 89: 104232. (IF: 3.573/2019, D1).


Hartel T., Fagerholm N., Torralba M., Balázsi Á., Plieninger T. 2018. Forum: Social-Ecological System Archetypes for European Rangelands, Rangeland Ecology & Management 71: 536-544. (IF. 1.967/2018, D1).

Păcurar F.Balázsi Á., Rotar I. , Vaida I., Reif A., Vidican R., Rușdea E., Stoian V., Sângeorzan D2018.  Technologies used for maintaining oligotrophic grasslands and their biodiversity in a mountain landscape. Romanian Biotechnological Letters DOI 10.26327/RBL2018.184. (IF: 0.59/2019, Q4).


Field practice in the northern part of the Trascău Mountains

With our students we were on a field practice in the northern part of the Trascău Mountains within the framework of protected areas and on the topic of geomorphology.

16 days ago


Weiszburg Tamás speaks about the lithium exploitation

In the 21st century the production and storage of the electricity became very appreciated. What is the situation with the lithium exploitation? What are the environmental implications? In a television podcast Weiszburg Tamás, PhD, treated this topic in detail, and he also spoke about the lithium mines of Serbia.

4 months ago


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