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István Urák, PhD

Dr. Urák IstvánAssociate Professor



Fields of research:

  • arachnology
  • faunistics
  • ecology


  • General Ecology (BSc)
  • Zoology (BSc)
  • Biogeography (BSc)
  • Nature and Envrionmental Protection (MSc)

CV and list of publications (2022)

Important recent publications:


Pintilioaie A.M., Urák I. 2022First record of Neoscona byzanthina (Araneae: Araneidae) in RomaniaArachnologische Mitteilungen: Arachnology Letters 63, 1–3. (Q3).

Popovici G., Iorgu E.I., Urák I. 2022First records of Eresus moravicus Řezáč, 2008 (Araneae: Eresidae) from RomaniaArachnology 19, 3137. (IF: 0.55/2021, Q2).


Zsigmond A.R., Száraz A., Urák I. 2021. Macro and trace elements in the black pine needles as inorganic indicators of urban traffic emissionsEnvironmental Pollution 291, 118228. (IF: 8.071/2021, D1).

Gallé R., Gallé-Szpisjak N., Zsigmond A.R.,  Könczey B., Urák I. 2021Tree species and microhabitat afect forest bog spider fauna. European Journal of Forest Research 140, 691–702. (IF: 2.617/2021, Q1).


Korponai J.L., Kövér C., López-Blanco C., Gyulai I., Forró L., Katalinic A., Ketola M., Nevalainen L., Luoto T.P., Sarmaja-Korjonen K., Magyari E.K., Weckström J., Urák I., Vadkerti E., Buczkó K. 2020Effect of temperature on the size of sedimentary remains of littoral chydorids. Water 12: In Press. (IF: 2.544/2020, Q2).

Szinetár C., Kovács G., Urák I., Gajdos P. 2020. Synanthropic spider fauna of the Carpathian Basin in the last three decades. Biologia Futura 71, 31–38. (IF: 0.821/2021, Q3).

Zsigmond A.R., Kántor I., May Z., Urák I., Héberger K. 2020Elemental composition of Russula cyanoxantha along an urbanization gradient in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)Chemosphere 238: 124566. (IF: 5.778/2020, D1).

Fiera C., Ulrich W., Popescu D., Bunea C.-I., Manu M., Nae I., Stan M., Markó B., Urák I., Giurginca A., Penke N., Winter S., Kratschmer S., Buchholz J., Querner P., Zaller J.G. 2020. Effects of vineyard inter-row management on the diversity and abundance of plants and surface-dwelling invertebrates in Central Romania. Journal of Insect Conservation 24: 175–185. (IF: 1.553/2020, Q1).


Gallé R., Samu F., Zsigmond A.R., Gallé-Szpisjak N., Urák I. 2019. Even the smallest habitat patch matters: on the fauna of peat bogs. Journal of Insect Conservation 23: 699-705. (IF: 1.330/2019, Q1).

Korponai J., Braun M., Forró L., Gyulai I., Kövér C., Nédli J., Urák I., Buczkó K. 2019. Taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity: how subfossil cladocerans mirror contemporary community for ecosystem functioning: a comparative study in two oxbows. Limnetica 38: 431-456. (IF: 0.574/2019, Q3).


Zsigmond A.R., Varga K., Kántor I., Urák I., May Z., Héberger K. 2018. Elemental composition of wild growing Agaricus campestris mushroom in urban and peri-urban regions of Transylvania (Romania)Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 72: 15-21. (IF: 2.956/2018, Q1).

Tölgyesi Cs., Bátori Z., Gallé R., Urák I., Hartel T. 2018. Shrub Encroachment Under the Trees Diversifies the Herb Layer in a Romanian Silvopastoral SystemRangeland Ecology & Management 71 (5): 571-577. (IF: 1.94/2018, Q1).


Admissons, July 2022

4 days ago


Field practice in the northern part of the Trascău Mountains

With our students we were on a field practice in the northern part of the Trascău Mountains within the framework of protected areas and on the topic of geomorphology.

2 months ago


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